Saturday, May 22, 2010

How I eat

I love food…I love really good food. Eating out at great restaurants with friends, baking for my family and all the good social stuff with eating. Before Lyme…I ate what I wanted and when I wanted never thinking about how what I put in my body affects me. It was pure pleasure. I was an emotional eater and to a certain extent still am.

So…along comes Lyme and my visit with my LLMD and my world came crashing down. I was put on a very strict no sugar, no dairy, no yeast diet. I sat dazed and confused….what was I supposed to eat?? Shortly thereafter I was told my son had Celiac’s…so let’s add no Gluten to the list. I am happy to say…he does not have Celiac’s but, surprise, he too was diagnosed 4 month’s later with Chronic Lyme also. Oh…it gets better….my mother is a diabetic and now has to eat a heart healthy diet.

After 3 years of riding a food roller coaster…of hearing eat this and don’t touch that… is where we are now.

We stick to a strict no dairy diet as I have a severe dairy allergy that has landed me in the hospital a number of times….yup…it causes an anaphylactic reaction for me. The doctor thinks that I may outgrow this though as my treatment continues (fingers crossed…I would love a piece of cheese!!).  We can eat gluten again….my sons intolerance and sensitivity to that dissipated as his treatment progressed….So now we try to eat a low sugar diet and as healthy as possible. I can not eat processed foods as they still make me sick but that’s ok….our bodies do not need them anyhow. I don’t eat lots of yeast products but will eat a slice of bread (always fresh made bread) when I feel like it. I have learned moderation. A little here and there is ok for us now. I cook from scratch…which I find has become a lost art form to so many. I buy fresh wholesome ingredients and organic whenever possible….I stay away from fillers, pesky preservatives, dyes and additives….we don’t need it ever. Whether we are sick or not. I do believe what you put into your body affects it tremendously.

As you see recipes posted they may or may not fit your Lyme diet. Often times they can be changed to suit yours….so if you are unsure how to adjust please ask.  Also know that maybe this month something is not ok to eat but maybe soon you will be able to indulge a little as your body heals. I hope you are able to find something yummy that fits your diet….and if it doesn’t today….it may tomorrow.

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Natalie said...

I was never a food person before Lyme. In fact, I'd FORGET to eat unless I saw other people eating. My diet wasn't horrible, but it certainly could've been a lot healthier.

Now that I have to actually THINK about what I eat, I think about food more, I talk about food more, and I even eat a lot more :)