Thursday, May 13, 2010

I you?

Several months ago I was out to dinner with friends and ate something that was off my “Lyme Diet”. A person, who will remain nameless…sarcastically commented…”Oh, you’re going to eat that? I thought you were perfect?” I was so taken back by their attitude and was not quite sure how to respond. I try really hard to eat a low to no sugar, dairy free, low or no yeast diet. I put a tremendous effort into eating clean and wholesome….because that is what my body needs. On top of that, I try to eat farm fresh or organic fruits and vegetables, organic eggs and meats, grass fed beef….you get the idea.

I am not perfect. I make lots of mistakes…and I cheat. I get cravings and have moments when I crumble and I eat sugar…I am only human. Sometimes I feel physically sick when I do but most often I just feel guilty. That’s when I remind myself….the last four years have been one giant learning curve. If I need comfort food one day because that’s what I need….then so be it. We should not feel bad when we make small mistakes or fall off the “food wagon”. So much in our lives are taken away from us when going through Lyme that it is only natural to want to revert to something comforting…mom’s homemade cookies, the coffee that we probably shouldn’t be drinking, a piece of cake.

My advice to you….the next time you cheat….don’t beat yourself up. It happens, Savor your few seconds of naughtiness and then move on. We all know its not good for us….but always cut yourself some slack. You are working hard on getting better, taking your pills, changing your diet. Remember to be kind to yourself in your moments of weakness.

Nope...I am not perfect and I cheat....guess what? Thats ok.

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