Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earth's Balance

Last year we realized that dairy was triggering my allergies…in a very dangerous way.  I had gone dairy-free for quite some time for my Lyme diet and when I reintroduced it back into my life my body had decided it just wasn’t interested. On so many levels this was a blow for me….especially because I love to bake. How can you bake without butter??? Impossible!!!

I finally found a worthy substitute!!! So…for anyone in need of a dairy free butter or just a healthier alternative, I use Earth’s Balance. It’s a bit more heart healthy as well as it is an olive oil base. It comes in sticks for baking and cooking….or you can buy a whipped version for eating on toast, etc.

I am able to buy the Earth’s Balance in pretty much any grocery store or health food store. It’s not hard to find and no one as of yet has been able to tell the difference in my baking or cooking


amishsunshine said...

I use this all the time! I even converted my mom to using it too, and she's a butter addict.

Alyssa said...

Too funny!! My mom is a butter addict as well...the first time she saw it she wrinkled up her nose and made a face. Now it's all she uses!!